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Add my own thoughts to the OneTouch Library?
Change the default Bible version?
Contact Biblesoft?
Control the appearance of the Desktop?
Control the order in which reference works appear?
Copy materials for a sermon or Bible study?
Create entirely new reference works?
Find related information?
Move through text?
Open or Switch Reference Works
Print articles or other information?
Save-and-Restore Desktop
Search the Bible for a word or phrase?
Search the Bible based on the original language?
Search other reference works for a word or phrase?
Search the original Greek or Hebrew?
Share my authored materials with others?
Study a Specific concept?
Study a specific person?
Study a specific place?
Study a specific scripture
Study a specific word?
Highlight text
Library (Where Is...?)
Quick links
Getting the most out of...
The Moody Bible Atlas
Focus and Explore Modes: A Closer Look
Keyboard Shortcuts
Menus, Toolbars, and Information Panels
Special Character Keystroke Shortcuts
When a Greek-Hebrew Definition Differs from the KJV text
Window Types
Dictionary/Encyclopedia (Topics)
Interlinear Bible
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Welcome to the OneTouch Help System

The information contained in this Help system is designed to help you get the most out of your personal Bible study using OneTouch®.

Use the Table of Contents (at left) to explore step-by-step instructions for the most common actions in OneTouch® (found in the How Do I… section), detailed information for getting the most out of some unique, yet powerful references works (found in the Getting the Most Out of… section), as well as summary information for the various parts of the OneTouch® interface (found in the Reference… section).

In addtion to the Table of Contents you can use the Index (see the Index tab at left) to select from a list of common words in the Help system, or use the Search capability (see the Search tab at left) to search on any word or phrase throughout the Help system.

It is our hope and prayer that this powerful Bible study tool will bring you into a deeper understanding of God's word and into a closer relationship in your personal walk with God. May God richly bless you!