By 'hover' we mean the ability to hold your mouse cursor over an item and have something 'pop-up.' This is similar to holding your mouse cursor over a button to view a pop-up description of that button. However, the new 'hover' capability is specifically for items in reference lists (for example, in concordance and Global Search results, in topical works like Nave's, and in The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge).

It enables you to move through a list of items and quickly view a 'snapshot' of each item of interest, without having to double-click on each one. As always, when you find one of interest you can double-click on it to display it in the secondary panel and continue your study from there.


bm124WMF Tips

•• If you would rather have the hover not automatically appear, you can change the hover settings under Options, Hover Options.

oTo set the hover so that it will only pop-up when you also click the Ctrl key, check Require Control key to see hover.

oUncheck Show Hover options reminder at bottom of hover to streamline the hover text.

oYou can change the time required for the hover to appear under Delay.

Click here for more information on the Hover feature.