What's New in OneTouch

Hebrew Word Hover

OneTouch adds Hebrew and Aramaic words to the word hover, just like Greek word hover.

When your mouse cursor is positioned over a Hebrew word in any reference work, a "hover" box will automatically appear next to the cursor. This box will automatically go away if you move the mouse cursor off of the word. The box will show the Greek word, a short translation, and other optional information. The optional information displayed depends upon which reference works are installed, and may include such things as pronunciation buttons and parsings.

Note: Parsings are only available if you have the Complete Reference Library, the Advanced Reference Library, or the Professional Reference Library and you are in an Interlinear or original language Bible that has parsing information available (such as the BHS).

You can also do form and lemma searches on Hebrew words by right-clicking on the word and choosing the desired operation on the menu.


Smartsearch is the new search capability that comes with OneTouch. It replaces the Concordance, Global Search, and the Library list, and expands upon them to give you even more information.