Dictionary/Encyclopedia Window

The Dictionary/Encyclopedia window is used to display article information, organized alphabetically by topic name, including--

o people (Christ, Moses, Deborah),

o places (Corinth, Galilee, Nineveh),

o things (locust, ark, goad),

o Books of the Bible (Genesis, Job, Galatians), and

o concepts (redemption, apostle, longsuffering)

Upon opening an Encyclopedia window a topic is selected--either from the topic list or via a Smart Reference™ from another reference work. The Encyclopedia Pane displays an article for the selected topic. If you double-click a Bible reference in one of the topic articles the corresponding Bible text will be displayed in the secondary panel. (Note: Use the button--located on the lower toolbar--to toggle between the Information Panel and the Bible Pane.)

When an Encyclopedia window is opened (by clicking the Topics portion of the NavPanel, then selecting the desired reference work) the topic list displays all of the available topics from the current reference work. When a topic is being viewed that is addressed in more than one of the available Dictionaries/Encyclopedias, the Article Pane allows you to view the next or previous reference work for the current topic—click ( (located on the lower toolbar) or select the Encyclopedia | Next Encyclopedia and Encyclopedia | Previous Encyclopedia items from the menu).

When an Dictionary/Encyclopedia window is opened via a Smart Reference™ the topic list is confined to the directly related topics only. For example, Smart Reference™ from John 3:16 to Dictionaries/Encyclopedias, and select the topic 'love.' The window that is opened will contain every article from every available Dictionary/Encyclopedia reference work for the topic 'love.' However, the topic list for that window will be constrained to the topic selected during the Smart Reference™ action (in this example, 'love').

bm14 Remember, whenever a window contains two or more panes you can change their relative size by moving the "splitter" or "divider" line that separates the panes--giving more space to one pane and less space to the other pane. Simply move the mouse cursor to the "splitter" line, until the cursor appears as bm48 or bm49, then click and drag the splitter until the panes are the desired size.

Also, see How to do a Topical Study and How to do a Biographical Study for suggestions for Bible study methods using this window type.