Select this menu to have OneTouch check the Biblesoft® web site to let you know which reference works are available that you do not have installed.

Open or Switch Reference Works

One of the biggest changes in Version 4.2 is how you open content. To open a new reference work window, use the Main Toolbar. Once you have something open, if you want to switch it to something else, use the NavPanel


bm122wmf Tips

To open a reference work, such as a Bible, click the Bibles button in the Main Toolbar. When the Bibles dialog box appears:

oSelect your version from the Reference Work list, such as King James Version.

oType in the Bible Reference, such as Genesis 1:1.

oClick Ok

Once you have a Bible window open, if you would like to switch the Bible version, click on a new version in the NavPanel, such as New International Version to replace the previous version.

Remember that with Bibles, to open multiple windows, use the + in the lower toolbar or on your numpad to add another Bible panel.