Sharing Your Authored Materials

One of the exciting possibilities presented by the Biblesoft Authoring System™ is the ability to share your authored materials (for example, topical reference works, books, commentaries, and even smart notes) with others.

One way to share your authored materials with others is to simply give them your reference work file, either on a floppy disk, CD, or even as an e-mail attachment. (Note: Detailed instructions for how to do this are included below.)

A Word of Caution

Remember, it is illegal to share reference materials which are copyrighted by others—either in whole or in part. You should only share those reference works for which you are the sole contributor.

Sharing Directly with Others

A reference work that you have authored using the Biblesoft Authoring System™ can also be shared directly with others, in one of two ways: as a read-only reference work that can be viewed (but not modified), or as a collaborative authoring effort that can be modified.

To share a read-only reference work that you have authored, you will need to copy two files from your OneTouch refworks subdirectory (typically, c:\Program Files\Biblesoft\One Touch\Refworks), which are placed there upon a successful compile. The two files will have the same name as your Word source document, but with two different file extensions: .jsr and .jix. For example, a Word source document named "MyTopics" would result in a "MyTopics.jsr" and a "MyTopics.jix". You will need to copy both of these files (to a read-write CD, disc, or other transferable medium) and then have the recipient place copies of them in their OneTouch® refworks subdirectory.

To share a reference work as a collaborative authoring effort, you will need to copy your Word source document (from whereever you have it saved), and pass that file along to your partner(s). Note: It is critical in such a collaborative effort that only one person make edits at a time—otherwise it can be extremely difficult to merge changes back together into a single, comprehensive document.