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Creating Bible Study Notes - Overview

One of the most exciting features of OneTouch® is the ability to create your own personal reference work--in the form of Bible study notes. These Bible study notes will benefit from all of the features of other reference works in your OneTouch® library:

osearch text,

oembed Bible, topic, and Strong's numbers references to support cross-referencing to other reference works, and

oSmart Reference™ from Bible text to your Bible study notes

In addition, your Bible study notes have the added value of being a "living" document--meaning that you can modify them any time you want.

There are 3 steps to creating Bible study notes: Step 1 is done once. Steps 2 and 3 are repeated whenever you want to add to, or modify, your Bible study notes:

Step 1 Name your Bible study note set.

Step 2 Go to a specific Bible passage.

Step 3 Modify your Bible study note.

Click this text Step 1 to learn more about creating your own Bible study notes. (Or, if you're reviewing these steps, click any other button to jump directly to that topic.)

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