Map/Photo Window

The Map/Photo window is used to display Bible maps and/or photos. It contains four panes: a large image pane to display the current image, a small image pane to facilitate navigation of the large image, a legend pane to display the image legend (if one is available), and a status pane (primarily for use when displaying maps).

The large image pane displays a close-up view of the currently selected image. If the entire image will not fit in the large image pane you can use the scroll bars to move to a different portion of the image, or you can click-and-drag the red rectangle in the small image pane to move the view to a different portion of the image. You can also click the button (located on the lower toolbar) to display the image using the entire screen. (Press any key to return to the Map/Photo window.)

bm43 To determine the distance between any two points on a map: move the mouse cursor to the first point, hold down the Shift key, then click--and hold--the left mouse button, and drag the mouse cursor to the second point. In other words, Shift+Click -and-drag. Distances are displayed in miles, by default. (Note: You can change the display to kilometers or to both miles and kilometers under Options | Preferences | Advanced | Map distance units.)

bm43 The status pane (located at the bottom of the Map/Photo window) lists the various names by which the current location has been known--from Old and New Testament times through today. When you launch a Concordance search (, on the lower toolbar), each of these variant names will be used--to quickly find every occurrence of the current place in the bible, even when the name has changed over time!

bm43 Remember, whenever a window contains two or more panes you can change their relative size by moving the "splitter" (or "divider") line that separates the panes--giving more space to one pane and less space to the other pane. Simply move the mouse cursor to the splitter line, until the cursor appears as bm48 or bm84, then click and drag the splitter until the panes are the desired size.

See How to do a Geographical Study for suggested Bible study methods using this window type.

Here is a summary of the actions that are available in the Map/Photo window:





To a location (selected from a pop-up list of all available locations in the current image)

(on the lower toolbar)

To the previous or next map/photo

(on lower toolbar)

To the previous or next Map/Photo reference work

(on lower toolbar)

The current location to the center

To another map/photo

Select the desired map/photo in the Media tab of the NavPanel

Copy to the Clipboard--

The entire map/photo


A block of the map/photo

Click and drag to mark the desired portion, then


Begin a new search

Click the Search tab in the NavPanel

Hide/display search results pane

Launch a Concordance search for the current location

(on the lower toolbar)

Smart Reference

Open the SMARTLinks™ tab in the NavPanel


Open the SMARTLinks™ tab in the NavPanel


Hide/display SMART-Tools™ panel

(lower toolbar)

Full-screen display