While the main program interface is showing, you can also bring up the OneTouch bottom popup. This is an abbreviated version of the main OneTouch screen. To see this popup. move your mouse pointer down to the bottom of the OneTouch® window. Once it pops up, it will remain until you move the mouse pointer off of the popup.

Morphological Search

This new and exciting feature allows you to search on the text of Scripture in its original language — Hebrew (and Aramaic) in the Old Testament, and Greek in the New Testament. Select any Hebrew/Aramic or Greek word in the Interlinear, or in the corresponding Bible version. Right-click with your mouse and a menu will appear. Two types of searches are available:

Lemma search. Lemma is a Greek term which, in context, refers to the word (in bold) that appears at the start of a Lexicon entry. Properly, it is the lexical form. It assumes all particular forms (inflections) of the word (i.e., as the word is used in the Bible). For the most part, a particular lemma (lexical form) has a unique Strongs number associated with it. A lemma search finds every instance of (every form of) the word in the Bible.

Form search. This is a search on a specific form ('inflected form') of the word (indicated by a unique parsing code). This is the morphological search proper (morphology refers to the particular forms of a word).

In addition, when you right-click on a Greek (only) word, one of the popup menu options is "Morphological Search". Selecting this item brings up the Morphological Search Dialog which allows you to do a lemma or form search in a more visual and detailed manner.