Select this option to cause all Treasury windows that are created in OneTouch® to be a selected percentage of the Application Desktop. When you select this option you must specify the desired percentage (1 to 100) in the corresponding Height and Width boxes. The other options for window size are the default size and position that the computer assigns (operating system default) or the full Application Desktop (Maximum). This setting overrides the Window Size setting for Treasury windows only.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Window

The Treasury window is used to display information from The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge--a unique verse-to-verse cross-referencing system. And the best part is--you can add cross-references, mark your favorites, and even delete unwanted ones!

To open a Treasury window, click the Bibles button on the Main Toolbar, enter the desired reference in the Bible reference edit box, click Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (which appears below the Bible versions listed), then click OK.

You can also access Treasury as a cross-reference from any Bible passage. (While the Bible has the focus, click the SMARTLinks™ tab in the NavPanel, select Cross-references, select Bibles, then select Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.

The Treasury window displays the selected verse in one pane, a listing of key phrases from the current Bible verse in a second pane, and a list of related Bible references for the currently selected phrase in a third pane.

In addition, the Treasury window includes a dual-function Information Panel/Bible Pane. The Information Panel lists the actions that are available on the lower toolbar, along with a brief description of the action performed by each one. The Bible Pane is used to display the Bible text for any selected reference--either from the Treasury reference list or one that you explicitly specify. Use the button--located on the lower toolbar--to toggle between the Information Panel and the Bible Pane.

bm14 Remember, whenever a window contains two or more panes you can change their relative size by moving the "splitter" or "divider" line that separates the panes--giving more space to one pane and less space to the other pane. Simply move the mouse cursor to the "splitter" line, until the cursor appears as bm48 or bm49, then click and drag the splitter until the panes are the desired size.

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Action Summary

Here is a summary of the actions that are available in a Treasury window:





To the previous or next verse

(on lower toolbar)

To the previous or next chapter

(on lower toolbar)

To another reference

Enter a new reference in the Bible reference edit box in the NavPanel.

Copy to the Clipboard--

The highlighted verse in the reference list


All verses in the reference list


All references in the reference list (without their verse text)

A block of verses (or text)

Click and drag to mark the desired text, then


Begin a new search

Click the Search tab in the NavPanel

Hide/display search results pane

Smart Reference

Open the SMARTLinks™ tab in the NavPanel


Toggle right alignment

Display the current verse in the Bible Pane (hide/display SMART-Tools™ panel)

(lower toolbar)

Mark a reference

Add a reference

Paste one or more references

Delete a reference