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How to Contact Us

If you have questions about OneTouch® (its features, available reference works, and so forth) or if you are experiencing problems with your CD-ROM, you should contact Customer Service.

Do you have any suggestions that you feel would make OneTouch® a better product? Are there features you would like to see included in the future? We welcome your suggestions and feedback on the current product. These should also be addressed to Customer Service.

If you have experienced problems during the Setup, or while running OneTouch, you should contact Technical Support.




Voice: (206) 824-8360

Fax: (206) 824-1828

Address: Biblesoft

Attn: Customer Service

22014 7th Avenue South, Suite 105

Seattle, WA 98198


Before you contact Technical Support, you should identify exactly what your questions are. Consult the OneTouch® Quick Start Manual (look for the topic in the index) and read the Readme File to see if the questions or problems are addressed. You should also check to see whether this Help file contains the information you are looking for.

If you still cannot find the answers to your questions, and you decide to give Technical Support a try, please do the following:

1)Identify the version number of OneTouch® that you are running. To locate this information, run OneTouch® ; from the main menu within OneTouch®, select Help | About OneTouch... The small window that opens up should tell you the version number. This information should also be printed on the Installation Disk 1 label.

2)Have a printed copy of your computer's CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files on hand. Often the information contained in these files offers clues to technical problems.

3)Have a list of the files in your OneTouch® subdirectory.

4)Know which version of the operating system you are using.

5)Know what third party software you are using... Are you using any compression software? Are you using any memory managers? Are you using any special shell programs running? You get the idea...




Voice: (866) 722-4253

Address: Biblesoft

Attn: Technical Support

22030 7th Avenue South, Suite 105

Seattle, WA 98198

Thank you for purchasing OneTouch®. We hope it proves to be the best possible tool for studying the Bible!