How to Copy and Paste

OneTouch provides the ability to copy information from anywhere in the library (including map and photo images), so that you can paste that information into a Bible note, a personal commentary, or your word processor.

Like all other modern programs, OneTouch® uses the Clipboard to support all copy and paste actions. In short, this means that you can copy materials from any reference work within the OneTouch® library to any other application that supports the paste action. Typically this has meant a word processor, but you should also consider pasting reference materials into your Bible notes (i.e., your personal commentary) within OneTouch®, as well as presentation programs (e.g., Microsoft PowerPoint).

How To Copy

In general there are two ways to copy information from OneTouch® to the Clipboard:

1)Click the (copy Current), (copy Paragraph), or (copy All) button, one or more of which will be displayed on the lower toolbar in every reference work window, or

2)"Block" the section you want to copy. In other words, move the mouse cursor to the beginning of the section, then click (and hold down) the mouse button while you "drag" (move) the mouse cursor to the end of the section. Once you have blocked a section to be copied, the (copy to Clipboard) button on the main toolbar will light up. Click that button and the copy is completed.

Remember, in Windows you can use the Start menu to open multiple applications (e.g., OneTouch® and your favorite word processor), then use the Alt+Tab keyboard shortcut to switch between applications, or simply click the button that represents the desired program (once it is running), on the Windows Task Bar (located at the bottom of the Application Desktop, to the right of the Start button).

Biblesoft's Appendable Clipboard

Normally, the Clipboard can only contain a single copied item at a time. Each time you copy an item it replaces whatever is currently on the Clipboard. Biblesoft® has extended the functionality of the Clipboard so that multiple items can be copied from OneTouch®. We call this the Appendable Clipboard. It enables you to perform multiple copy actions within OneTouch®, then switch to your word processor (or presentation package, or even a Bible note within OneTouch) and paste all of the contents of the Clipboard with a single paste action.

Please note the following items in order to get the most out of the Appendable Clipboard:

oo Once you have pasted the contents of the Clipboard it will be necessary to clear those contents using the (clear clipboard) button on the Main Toolbar.

oo The Appendable Clipboard feature does not affect photos and maps. In other words, you can copy photos and maps (or portions thereof) but they cannot reside on the Clipboard with any other copied items (text or image). To copy an image: paste the current contents of the Clipboard, clear the Clipboard, then copy the desired image. A warning message will be displayed any time the copy action would effect the current contents of the Clipboard, giving you the choice of continuing with, or discontinuing, the copy action.

oo You can turn off the Appendable Clipboard feature so that each Copy action will replace the contents of the Clipboard. Select Options | Preferences | Preferences. Then click the Append Mode toggle in the Clipboard section. When Append Mode is toggled on bm0 copied items will be appended to the existing contents of the Clipboard. When Append Mode is toggled off bm1 each copied item will replace the existing contents of the Clipboard.

oo Since other applications do not support the Appendable Clipboard, Biblesoft® has built in a safety feature--if you use the copy action in another application, which replaces the contents of the Clipboard, the next copy action in OneTouch will restore all of the items that you had placed on the Appendable Clipboard.

oo If you anticipate pasting information from OneTouch® into other applicatons you should start those applications and have them running at the same time as OneTouch®. That way, you can quickly and easily switch between applications using the Windows taskbar (located at the bottom of the screen, by default). This will greatly enhance your ability to copy and paste betweenOneTouch and any other applications.

How to Paste

To paste the contents of the Clipboard, open the Bible note or other application where you wish to paste the reference materials, then use that application's paste function. (Note: OneTouch® provides a (paste) button whenever you are in edit mode in the Bible notes. Other applications often provide a similar button as well as an Edit | Paste menu item.)

How to Print

Once you have pasted materials into a word processor you can edit them (to format them differently, perhaps) and print them. Most word processors provide a print button (located on their main toolbar), as well as a File | Print menu item. Use either of these to print the desired materials.