Select this menu item to perform an Englishman's Concordance search for the current Strong's number.

Englishman's Window

The Englishman's window contains the search hits from a Strong's # expression (one or more Strong's numbers combined with search operators) and a dual-function Information Panel/Bible Pane. To open an Englishman's window a search must first be conducted using one or more Strong's numbers. See Englishman's Concordance Search for step-by-step instructions for performing an Englishman's search.

The Information Panel lists the actions that are available on the lower toolbar, along with a brief description of the action performed by each one. If you double-click any one of the search hit lines a Bible pane will replace the Information Panel, and display the corresponding Bible reference. (Note: Use the button--located on the lower toolbar--to toggle between the Information Panel and the Bible Pane.)

bm14 Remember, whenever a window contains two or more panes you can change their relative size by moving the "splitter" or "divider" line that separates the panes--giving more space to one pane and less space to the other pane. Simply move the mouse cursor to the "splitter" line, until the cursor appears as bm48 or bm49, then click and drag the splitter until the panes are the desired size.

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