Navigation Panel

The NavPanel is an area on the left side of the application which shows you the reference works of the type you are looking at - for instance, Bibles. The reference work that you have open is highlighted in the list. The Navpanel also allows you to change to a different reference work for the same location. For example, you can switch to another version of a Bible. Disabled reference works indicate those that have no content for the current location.

The NavPanel also shows you the current location in the current reference work. You can change the location of the current pane in the NavPanel. Except for general books and media, there is an edit box where you can simply type in your desired new location. In the case of general books and media, the possible destinations are indicated under the reference work's name. Simply click on the destination you desire.

You can also change the current pane to another reference work and location by double-clicking on the desired reference work. This works even on disabled (grey) reference works. After the double-click, you will be prompted for the location to open to. You can even switch to another type of reference work by clicking the down-arrow on the Navpanel header. This will show all of the reference work categories. Simply click on the desired category. This will then show all of the reference works for that category. You can then double-click the one you wish to switch to. Note that many, or all, of the reference works may be disabled since the current location may not correspond to anything in any of those reference works. But remember, you can double-click on disabled reference works.

The NavPanel also provides the Links Item which is your window into related material in other reference works. Click on Links to bring up the links outline. There are up to four possible categories of related material: Cross-references, SmartReferences, Reference chains (for Bible book, chapter, verse references only), and Community.

Under the Cross-references item are the reference work categories that have one or more reference works that have the same data as you are currently viewing. Clicking on that category will list all of the reference works with that data. If you click on one of these reference works, a tab will open to the current location, but in the new reference work. For example, if you have a Bible open to "Genesis 1:1", you can cross-reference to a commentary that has commentary on Genesis 1:1.

Under the SmartReferences item are the reference work categories that have one or more reference works that have Smart References™ to the current location. For example, if you have an encyclopedia opened to "AARON", the list would include any reference works that have one or more references to the AARON topic.

Reference chains is only available if you are currently looking at a Bible verse (or commentary thereon). Under the Reference chains item are two items: The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, and Biblesoft®. Clicking the first will open the Treasury to the current verse. The "Biblesoft" item has two sub-items: "by Bible verse" and "by Bible passage". Both of these sub-items will open a Reference Chain tab which will show all related verses to the current one. The difference between the two sub-items is that "by Bible verse" only shows you singole verses that are related to the current verse, whereas "by Bible passage" will show you both single verses and multi-verse passages which are related to the current verse.

Community is new with Version 6 and is only available if you are connected to the internet and open to a verse (Bible, Commentary, Tresury, etc), topic, or Strongs Number article. Clicking Community will open a pane that allows you to see what other OneTouch® users have to say about that verse/topic/Strongs Number. You can also add your own comments.