Currently, these searches are limited to the Hebrew/Aramaic text of the Wesminster Leningrad Codex (WLC) and Greek text of the Nestle-Aland critical edition of the New Testament (NA27). (Note: For technical reasons, search results display only the Bible version of the Hebrew/Greek text, not the Interlinear—but the results are identical)


Open up any Bible verse (or Topic) and you can instantly get more information through Biblesoft's pioneering Reference linking technology. Instead of having to run a separate search, results are coveniently collected together under the bar "Links for…" in the NavPanel (lower left-hand corner). Three types of searches (or links) are available:

Smart Reference™: Here OneTouch® gives you access to virtually every reference to the specified Bible verse (or Topic) in every available reference work. The results are arranged and grouped by menu category. (Note: in addition to Bible verses and Topics, you can also find Smart References for Hebrew and Greek words, from an open Lexicon [by Strong's number] — you will find results in a select number of Commentaries and other Reference works)

Cross Reference: By contrast, Cross References give access to material about the specific Bible verse (or Topic) — that is, information on the same verse or topic across many different Reference works. For a Bible verse, a Cross Reference is the equivalent of showing you all available Commentary material on the verse.