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Adding Treasury References

There are two ways to add references to the Treasury reference list--

To add a reference:

1) Click anywhere in the Treasury reference list panel (making it the focused panel).

2) Click the button (located on the lower toolbar) to pop up the Verse Reference Dialog.

3) Fill in the edit boxes to specify the desired Bible reference.

4) Click the bm7 button to confirm your selection or click the bm10 button to abandon the add action.

To paste a set of references (copied from another reference list):

1) Paste the desired references to the Clipboard. Any copy command in OneTouch® that includes one or more Bible references will do the trick. For example, copying a block of Bible text includes the corresponding Bible reference. Copying a reference list in another window, or even in another Treasury reference list, will work as well.

2) Return to the Treasury window and click anywhere in the Treasury reference list pane (making it the focused panel).

3) Click the button (located on the lower toolbar).

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