Bible Pane

The Bible pane is used to display the text for any available Bible version or translation. (Note: You can view a Bible in the primary panel (by opening a Bible directly) or in the secondary panel (by double-clicking on an embedded Bible reference in the primary panel or via the Smart Reference™ and cross-reference items found in the SMARTLinks™ tab of the NavPanel.)

The Bible pane provides easy access to all related information, throughout the OneTouch® library. Use the SMARTLinks™ tab (in the NavPanel) to view other Bible study materials relating to the current reference.

Note: Whenever you open a new, tabbed window--whether from a cross-reference, a Smart Reference™, or even from the Main Toolbar -- the current window remains open and available, so that you can easily return to it. Simply click on the tab of any open window to return to it.

Also See:

Multipane for a summary of actions that are available only in a Bible window.

Bible Notes for a summary of actions related to viewing and updating Bible notes.

Here is a summary of the actions that are available in every Bible pane:

bm16@icon_keyboardUp or down arrowPgUp or PgDn




Up or down one verse

bm17 or bm18 (on scrollbar)

Up or down one screen

click above or below bm13 (on scrollbar)

To the previous or next chapter

(on lower toolbar)

To the previous or next Bible version

(on lower toolbar)

Enter a new reference in the Bible reference edit box in the NavPanel.

Copy to the Clipboard--

The current verse

A block of verses (or text)

Click and drag to mark the desired text, then


Begin a new search

Click the Concordance tab in the NavPanel

Hide/display search results pane


Open the Smart Reference™ tab in the NavPanel

Smart Reference

Open the SMARTLinks™ tab in the NavPanel


Toggle right alignment

Hide/display Bible note pane