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Commentary Pane

The Commentary Pane displays the commentary text for a selected Bible reference. The commentary text is displayed via three "tabs", dividing the commentary information into verse-specific text, chapter-specific text, and book-specific text. In this way, all relevant information for the current reference is readily available--at the verse, chapter, and book levels. The tabs enable you to move readily between these three levels of information for the current reference without losing your place in any of them. Click any tab to bring that tab's information to the front of the Commentary pane.

Commentary text will often contain references to Bible verses and Strong's numbers. Double-click any of these references to view the related information. (Note: Where the information will be displayed depends on your personal preferences and system settings. See Options | Preferences Advanced for detailed information.)

bm43 Use the next/previous Commentary buttons (located on the lower toolbar) to view additional commentary for the current Bible reference, from other Commentaries. When no other commentary is available these buttons will be grayed out (inactive) and their pop-up hints will state, "There are no other Commentary reference works for this Bible reference."

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Creating a Personal Commentary for instructions on creating a personal Commentary reference work.

Editing a Personal Commentary for instructions on updating a personal Commentary reference work.

Options | Preferences Advanced for information about selecting where cross-reference pop-ups will be displayed.

Here is a summary of the actions that are available in the Commentary pane:





Up or down one line

bm17 or bm18 (on scrollbar)

Up or down arrow

Up or down one screen

click above or below bm13 (on scrollbar)

PgUp or PgDn

Previous or next section

(on lower toolbar)

Previous or next Commentary

(on lower toolbar)

Previous embedded Bible reference

Next embedded Bible reference

To another topic

Enter a new reference in the Bible reference edit box in the NavPanel.

Copy to the Clipboard--

The current verse


The current paragraph


The current article


A block of text

Click and drag to mark the desired text, then

Create/Edit Commentary

Edit the current article


Create a new article


Delete the current article


Move this article to a different scripture reference


Begin a new search

Click the Search tab in the NavPanel

Hide/display search results pane

Smart Reference

Open the SMARTLinks™ tab in the NavPanel


Hide/display Bible reference

(lower toolbar)