This preference setting specifies the height of tools, in pixels, on the lower toolbar. Note: For square tools, such as buttons, this also defines the width of the tool.

Lower toolbar

The lower toolbar is a collection of buttons that provide access to window-specific actions for the current window. By default, the lower toolbar is displayed along the bottom edge of the OneTouch® Application Desktop, although you can reposition it along the top, left, or right edge from the Options | Preferences Advanced tab.

The lower toolbar is dynamic, meaning that its contents will vary from window type to window type. In other words, each window type uses the lower toolbar to display buttons representing possible actions in that particular window type.

However, not every button on the lower toolbar will be "active" all of the time. A button will be grayed out when it is inactive. You can find out why a button is inactive by positioning the mouse cursor directly over the button and reading the pop-up hint.

Also See:

Main Toolbar for a summary of the buttons that provide access to desktop-specific actions (e.g., open a new window or display the next or previous window).

Options | Preferences Advanced for instructions to reposition the lower toolbar at the top, bottom, left, or right edge of the Application Desktop.