Click this button to choose a verse range (as opposed to a book, chapter, or single verse).

Verse Reference Dialog

This dialog box lets you specify a new Bible reference.

1. Type the complete reference directly into the Bible Reference control,


2. Use the Book, Chapter, and Verse selectors to specify the new reference.

In either case, use the Reference Work selector if you want to select a version other than the default.

Book abbreviations are acceptable. Use the bm4 button in the Book and/or Reference Work selectors to choose from a list. Click the Chapter and/or Verse selectors and type those values.

Click the bm7 button to confirm your selection or click the bm10 button to abandon the selection. The bm111 button will display this Help topic.

bm14Type any letter to jump to the next book in the book list (in traditional Bible book order) that begins with that letter. Press the same letter additional times to jump to each successive book beginning with that letter. For example, pressing 'e' would jump to Exodus, then Ezra, Esther, Ecclesiastes, Ezekiel, and Ephesians, and then back to Exodus.