Text Styles...

To access these settings, select Option | Text Styles from the main menu in OneTouch®.

Text styles determine the font, size, color, and other attributes of the text found in any reference work throughout your OneTouch® library.

The first dialog box that will appear when you select Option | Text Styles is the Font Size Selection dialog, as shown below. You may recall seeing this dialog when you first installed OneTouch®. Use the radio buttons on this dialog to select the Small, Medium, or Large font settings. You can click on each of them to see which is best for you--a sample is displayed in the bottom half of the dialog--then confirm your selection by clicking the OK button.

The Set to Default button will set the font selection to Medium --just as if you clicked the Medium radio button.

The Advanced button provides control over every attribute of every text style in OneTouch® and is recommended only for advanced users.


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