Click this button to toggle the AutoHighlighting feature on or off. When on, every word that has a topical reference in any reference work within your OneTouch® library will automatically be detected, highlighted, and will, when double-clicked, launch a new window with the topical information for that word.


To access this setting, select Options from the main menu in OneTouch®.

Select the AutoTopics menu item (on the Options menu) to toggle this setting. Each time you click on the AutoTopics menu item it will be toggled--from on to off, or from off to on. A check mark is displayed to the left of the AutoTopics menu item when it is turned on (enabled). When it is turned off (disabled), no check mark will be present.

When the AutoTopics feature is enabled, all words in all reference works which are recognized as topics in available reference works will be highlighted--just as if they had been tagged as embedded topic references. To access article information for any one of these topics, select the word (click-and-drag with the mouse), press F8, and then select the desired reference work from the popup menu that is displayed.

Click here to return to Options.